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Provide new revenue streams

that improve the guest

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Think about it, you have dozens of competitors in your region, but how about exploring our upsell functions to differentiate? With GuestService’s Upsell features, you can offer your guests new experiences that your competitors do not, enabling you to reach both happier guests and higher income!

Set up for your hotel in 15 minutes, no credit card needed!

Present practical information about your hotel to your guests

Particularly your international guests will require plenty of information right from the moment they check-in to the hotel. With this online digital guide, you can provide information on topics such as internet connection instructions, Wi-Fi passwords, room guidelines, currency exchange locations, and more, without any contact in person.

Delivering this information swiftly and comprehensively through Guestservice, in your guest’s native language, adds significant value to your hotel. It eradicates any language barriers between you and your guests. Craft a guide that informs guests in dozens of languages!

Setup, training, and go-live takes just a few hours. Get started with GuestService Upsell today.

Forget those boring

conversations during

check-in at the hotel

While your guests are checking-in, you often find yourself providing a vast amount of information about the hotel. Yet, more often than not, guests either ignore or do not care about the information given at that time. Usually, they are just eager to get to their rooms as soon as they check in.

In order to fix this issue, just simply guide guests to the source of information in a digital space. When they arrive at your hotel, they can easily use QR codes in their rooms to get the info they need whenever they want. And if you tell them about it beforehand, they can even check out your digital guide before they get to the hotel.

Improved Guest Experience

Create a more personalized and enjoyable experience for your guests by offering targeted upselling options.

Increased Revenue

GuestService Upsell can help you maximize your hotel’s earning potential by generating Incremental Revenue through upselling digitally and effortlessly.

Personalized Pre-Arrival Emails

Set your guests on an even more enjoyable experience with our branded, automatically sent emails the moment they book their stay.

Mobile Concierge Feature

Showcase all of your hotel’s services in a single web app, making it simpler for your guests to order food or request anything they need.

Seamless Integration

Smoothly integrate GuestService Upsell into your existing booking workflow, making it easy to use and implement.

Book a demo today and start experiencing the benefits of GuestService Upsell for yourself!

Put an end to printed

materials that are nowhere

near as useful

The printed materials and catalogs you have in your rooms are outdated, and guests these days prefer digital resources. You can offer online access to room service, useful hotel information, guides for television and air conditioning usage, recommendations for hotel activities, as well as details about spa services and associated fees.

Moreover, by using GuestService, you can instantly provide guests with current information, allowing for increased upsell potential without the need for costly reprints.

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