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Get correct feedback from your guests at the right time.

Guest satisfaction is a very important and decisive issue in the competition of hotels. It is one of the most influential factors in a guest’s decision to book a hotel. In fact, according to many studies, “guest satisfaction”, that is, the comments made about the hotel, is more important and decisive than the price of the hotel.

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Instant measure of “guest satisfaction”, which is one of the most important issues for hotels, with Guestservice.

Therefore, it is inevitable for hotels to give importance to guest satisfaction. Because a dissatisfied guest affects the sales of the hotel and indirectly its revenues.

However, the most important issue here is that “guest satisfaction” can be determined not after the guest leaves the hotel, but while the guest is at the hotel. GuestService can instantly inform you whether your guests are satisfied with your hotel or not.


When the guest arrives at the hotel

First impressions are important for your guests. It is absolutely necessary to learn the feelings, comments and opinions of your guest during check-in to the hotel and when he receives his room. It will be very beneficial for your hotel to prevent dissatisfaction at the first moment. 

Any post-service

It is very important that you get the right information from your guests instantly. Therefore, your guest should “evaluate that service” after every service requested or services that you can specify.

For example; After your guest uses the “room service” , he/she asks “Are you satisfied with this service?” You can instantly measure your satisfaction by asking a question.

When the guest requests

Satisfaction measurement should not only be at the time and in the way the hotel wants. Your guest should be able to share their feelings and thoughts with you whenever they want. He should be able to instantly tell you whether he is happy or not. Unlike traditional surveys and similar traditional methods, use guest satisfaction measurement methods quickly and accurately with GuestService.

Leaving the hotel

Measuring the satisfaction of your guests is important until the last moment they stay at the hotel. Maybe a perfect accommodation experience turned into dissatisfaction at the last minute! It is necessary to be sure of the satisfaction of your guests until the last moment.

Get one last chance to make your guest happy with a simple question that you will ask him close to his/her departure from the hotel.

Prevent bad reviews and strengthen your reputation

Prevent bad comments about your hotel beforehand.

Hotels often try to develop strategies to combat bad reviews. Bad reviews need to be detected and dealt with, but this is not enough to protect your hotel’s reputation.

The most effective way to combat bad reviews is to measure the guest’s satisfaction while at the hotel. When you measure the satisfaction of the guest instantly, you will have the chance to turn this unhappiness into satisfaction before the guest leaves the hotel. However, if you cannot identify unhappy guests, you will struggle with negative comments on comment and opinion sites. In addition, with GuestService, you can direct your guests whose satisfaction you are sure of to many comment and opinion sites, especially Tripadvisor and Google Comments.



The “satisfaction feedback” you will receive from the guest is not only for the benefit of the guest relations department and the sales department. Guest satisfaction increases sales, increases the prices and preferability of your rooms, but not only that!

Every feedback you receive from the guest shows you how well your staff and departments are providing service. In other words, the feedback you will receive in every area while managing your hotel will help you improve your services in that area.

With bad feedback from regular intervals and situations; Which room has a technical problem? Which restaurant creates more satisfaction? Which staff are more responsive to guests? Your service is not appreciated at all? You can benefit from this information when you convert all of them into data and manage the hotel.

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