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Instant access is key! Do not miss out on reaching your guests again.

Ensure seamless communication between guests and staff with GuestService StaffApp. All guest requests are centralized on a single phone screen and instantly communicated to your staff through notifications.

Set up for your hotel in 15 minutes, no credit card needed!

Customer success stories

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Efficient demand management is crucial for guest satisfaction in your hotel. With our solution, all guest requests, whether for in-room products, technical service, housekeeping, or room service, are easily visible and can be promptly fulfilled. Avoid overlooking demands and provide exceptional service to ensure your guests’ satisfaction throughout their stay.

Stay informed with Request Notice

Gain control and build trust by keeping your guests informed every step of the way. With our GuestService StaffApp, you can provide real-time updates on the progress of their requests. From the moment they make a purchase or request a service, your guests will feel confident and secure, knowing that their needs are being attended to and that they are in the loop. Enhance guest satisfaction and create a seamless experience with StaffApp’s communication.

Request Tracking with Admin Panel

Efficiently track and prioritize your requests with our admin panel. Easily distinguish between completed and pending tasks with color-coded indicators. Stay organized and ensure prompt completion of outstanding requests for a seamless operation experience.

Empower your team to handle any request with ease!

Efficiently manage and fulfill various guest requests with ease using the StaffApp. From room cleaning to technical service and room service, track requests, communicate with guests, and ensure timely completion, all from a single platform.

Streamline Hotel Operations and Elevate Guest Care with GuestService

Centralizing all requests in the system helps you know if a task is pending, in progress, or completed. GuestService  also allows you to create, assign, prioritize, and monitor tasks across all hotel departments and team members, increasing team agility when it comes to taking care of guests. You can also create digital handover notes and share them with your colleagues to keep everyone up-to-date.

With GuestService, you can manage all your hotel departments and tasks from a single system, saving time and increasing productivity.

Ticketing solution

A central location for management and staff to manage, track, and dispatch guest requests, work orders, and preventive maintenance.

Paperless collaboration

Staff can manage guest requests and work orders from anywhere, without making phone calls or trips to the reception desk.

Real-time guest services

Guests can request amenities, technical support, housekeeping, and room service using the app, all in real time. Keep guests informed about the status of their requests and provide full details of progress.

Automated processes

Automate communication and optimize labor to increase staff productivity and deliver faster guest services.

Smart Escalations

Assign tasks to the next higher unit automatically to ensure guest satisfaction and productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

Scan QR codes to know all fixtures, assets, and maintenance issues.

Checklists and Inspections

Prepare your check list once and then check the incoming data with smart tasks. Manage all parameters associated with your controls in a single location.

Simple and easy-to-use

Enhance team engagement and productivity with an easy-to-use navigation and modern interface.

Want to get good reviews with a Staff App difference?

90% of guests read their reviews before they go to a business. Gain valuable insights and enhance your hotel’s reputation by reading your guests’ comments before they check out. With the StaffApp, you can proactively gather feedback, address any negative comments, and turn them around using surveys, push notifications, and SMS. Analyze and improve your hotel based on real-time guest experiences.

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"Our guests have been raving about our hotel's app since we started using GuestService. It has made their stay so much more convenient and personalized. The ordering module and messaging hub have made communication with guests a breeze, and our staff has been able to respond quickly to requests. I highly recommend this platform to any hotel manager looking to enhance their guests' experience."

Silvia Natalia

“GuestService has been a game-changer for our hotel. The platform's customizability allowed us to create a branded app that perfectly aligned with our hotel's aesthetic and services. Our guests have appreciated the app's user-friendly interface and have been able to easily book services like restaurant reservations and luxury car transfers. Our account manager has been extremely helpful and has helped us optimize our use of the platform”

Lena J. Thomas Hotel Owner

“We've seen a significant increase in direct bookings since implementing GuestService. Our guests love being able to plan their stay before they arrive, and the app's reminders and notes have helped us keep track of their requests. The platform's messaging hub has also allowed us to keep in touch with guests throughout their stay, ensuring that we're providing excellent customer service."

Alishia Newell General Manager

"GuestService has helped us reduce our paper usage significantly, making our hotel more environmentally friendly. This feature has been well-received by our guests, who appreciate our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the platform has helped us increase revenue by promoting our services through personalized messages and offers."

Ernest L. Ford Hotel Manager

"As a luxury boutique hotel, we were hesitant to invest in a platform like GuestService, but we're so glad we did. The platform's tailored services have helped us stand out from our competitors, and our guests have appreciated the personalized attention they receive. Our account manager has been a pleasure to work with and has helped us make the most out of the platform. We highly recommend GuestService to any hotel looking to enhance their customer service experience."

Ruby R. Hernandez Hotel Investor

"GuestService has transformed the way we manage our resort. Its intuitive platform has allowed us to streamline our restaurant operations, boosting efficiency and improving our guests' experiences. With GuestService's app, we can offer a personalized and seamless experience to our guests, and its reputation management tools have helped us connect with customers and increase sales. We highly recommend GuestService to any hotel looking to elevate their operations and guest satisfaction."

Thomas M. Dipietro Hotel Manager
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