Digital Guest Directory

It is now easier to provide all the information your guests need about your hotel

During their stay, your guests will need information regarding your hotel and ask questions about the services, facilities, and so on. Instead of handing over a physical copy of your guest directory and having to explain things to every single guest one by one, fix this issue before it emerges, thanks to GuestService’s Digital Guest Directory feature.

Set up for your hotel in 15 minutes, no credit card needed!

Provide your guests with essential information about your hotel

Make things crystal clear for your guests by giving them all the info they might need upfront, so they won’t have to ask questions later. This saves your staff time and effort. Put together a simple, organized list of different categories of information to help guests find what they need quickly, without confusion.

Break any language barriers thanks to our multi-language support, making communication seamless for everyone. Make your guests feel at home by providing information in their own language.

Lighten the front desk workload and amplify its efficiency

Transform your hotel’s front desk from a dreaded, boring, and unhelpful area into a relaxing and efficient space for guests. Instead of bombarding them with information they might not absorb in such a busy situation, simply direct them to an intuitive solution: an online digital guest directory. This digitized version of your guest directory contains all the information they need to know about the hotel, available at their fingertips whenever they desire, even before they set foot in your establishment. 

Digital Guest Directory feature of GuestService is your best option for familiarizing guests with your hotel, not only during their stay but also before arrival, ensuring higher guest satisfaction. Significantly increase re-bookings and staff efficiency with GuestService.

Put an end to outdated printed materials that are often not read

Replace the outdated printed materials in guest rooms with online resources for up-to-date information on how to utilize their room, what to do at the hotel, room service, amenities, activities, spa services, and so on. Save on the cost of designing and printing such materials, and avoid paper waste. Instantly update information whenever you want, without any of the reprinting costs. 

Eliminate unnecessary paper waste and elevate your service quality with GuestService’s Digital Guest Directory feature. Seamlessly update your guest directory anytime without the hassle of dealing with oldschool printed materials.

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