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Streamline guest requests with ease!

Simplify guest request management with GuestService! Say goodbye to the challenges of handling various guest requests like room cleaning, technical services, and room service.
With GuestService, you can effortlessly collect and track all guest requests in one centralized platform.
Streamline communication with guests through our chat feature and ensure prompt and efficient request fulfillment.
Experience the ease and efficiency of GuestService for seamless guest satisfaction. Start optimizing your hotel operations today!

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Unlock a world of extraordinary experiences at your hotel! Show your hotel’s rooms, info, captivating events, exceptional dining options, luxurious spa packages, sports, and more.
Showcase these remarkable experiences to your guests, allowing them to listen, choose, and indulge. With personalized service tailored to their preferences, you can exceed guest expectations, create unforgettable memories, and boost your revenue.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your hotel’s offerings.

Manage Bookings

Deliver personalized experiences tailored to each guest’s unique desires. With GuestService, you can effortlessly cater to individual requests, ensuring no service goes unnoticed. From restaurant reservations to spa appointments and room service, your guests can easily access and order everything with just one click.
Meanwhile, you can efficiently manage and fulfill their requests from a single platform, enhancing in-hotel communication and reducing OTA costs.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to exceed guest expectations and streamline your operations.
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Discover Your Guests Opinions

Unlock the Potential of Every Guest. With GuestService’s advanced features, explore the experiences and feedback of your hotel guests.
Delight your satisfied guests even more with personalized push notifications, identify and address any concerns from unhappy guests, and turn their experience around to create a truly memorable stay!

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Unlock New Guest Opportunities with GuestService!
Easily promote your promotions and campaigns to attract new guests. Utilize GuestServices features to send enticing offers via push notifications, emails, and SMS. By re-engaging previous guests, you can boost your revenue, reduce marketing costs, and create lasting relationships

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  • Increase your revenues with Upsell
  • Strengthen your communication with your guests with the chat feature
  • Reduce costs
  • Take all orders from one place
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  • Analyze your hotel with reports
  • Increase your team’s productivity
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Get happier Guests
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"Our guests have been raving about our hotel's app since we started using GuestService. It has made their stay so much more convenient and personalized. The ordering module and messaging hub have made communication with guests a breeze, and our staff has been able to respond quickly to requests. I highly recommend this platform to any hotel manager looking to enhance their guests' experience."

Silvia Natalia

“GuestService has been a game-changer for our hotel. The platform's customizability allowed us to create a branded app that perfectly aligned with our hotel's aesthetic and services. Our guests have appreciated the app's user-friendly interface and have been able to easily book services like restaurant reservations and luxury car transfers. Our account manager has been extremely helpful and has helped us optimize our use of the platform”

Lena J. Thomas Hotel Owner

“We've seen a significant increase in direct bookings since implementing GuestService. Our guests love being able to plan their stay before they arrive, and the app's reminders and notes have helped us keep track of their requests. The platform's messaging hub has also allowed us to keep in touch with guests throughout their stay, ensuring that we're providing excellent customer service."

Alishia Newell General Manager

"GuestService has helped us reduce our paper usage significantly, making our hotel more environmentally friendly. This feature has been well-received by our guests, who appreciate our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the platform has helped us increase revenue by promoting our services through personalized messages and offers."

Ernest L. Ford Hotel Manager

"As a luxury boutique hotel, we were hesitant to invest in a platform like GuestService, but we're so glad we did. The platform's tailored services have helped us stand out from our competitors, and our guests have appreciated the personalized attention they receive. Our account manager has been a pleasure to work with and has helped us make the most out of the platform. We highly recommend GuestService to any hotel looking to enhance their customer service experience."

Ruby R. Hernandez Hotel Investor

"GuestService has transformed the way we manage our resort. Its intuitive platform has allowed us to streamline our restaurant operations, boosting efficiency and improving our guests' experiences. With GuestService's app, we can offer a personalized and seamless experience to our guests, and its reputation management tools have helped us connect with customers and increase sales. We highly recommend GuestService to any hotel looking to elevate their operations and guest satisfaction."

Thomas M. Dipietro Hotel Manager
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