Mobile Ordering

Enhance guest experience and generate new revenue streams with GuestService

While staying at your hotel, guests often need specific information about the services and products you provide. They rely on you for details to enhance their experience. With GuestService, you can inform guests about all your services and allow them to order directly from one web app.

Set up for your hotel in 15 minutes, no credit card needed!

Unlock your peak revenue potential

Maximize your hotel’s revenue potential while also enhancing guests’ dining experiences with the Mobile Ordering feature of GuestService. Our Mobile Web App and Smart-Room Tablet technology offer a seamless dining experience while streamlining back-of-house operations. Guests can conveniently place orders and schedule deliveries through their Mobile App or In-Room Tablet. Digital menus and an automated ordering process simplify service requests, provide order status updates, and track fulfillment times, minimizing human error.

Unlock the revenue potential of your F&B outlets with GuestService Mobile Ordering. Our integrated software streamlines hotel F&B management, enabling your team to craft personalized dining experiences and targeted marketing programs for every guest across your entire portfolio.

Room service

GuestService revolutionizes your guests’ hotel experience with digital room services. In an era where contactless ordering and payment are essential, we provide the perfect solution. Embrace the future of contactless self-service through smartphones with GuestService.

Guests can effortlessly access a vibrant digital menu by scanning a tabletop QR code or tapping an NFC tag with their smartphones, ensuring a seamless and convenient room service experience for them and a lighter workload for your hotel staff.

Elevate your marketing with our automated tools, improve guest experience and increase ROI today.


Offer exceptional housekeeping service to your guests with our Mobile Ordering feature. Let them effortlessly communicate their requests to you and allow them to track the progress of each service directly from their phones. Create a lasting positive impact on your guests to enhance their entire stay experience while also reducing staff workload.

Room amenities

Ensure every guest enjoys a consistently delightful experience by anticipating and addressing potential surprises. Prioritize guest satisfaction by enabling them to effortlessly communicate their room amenity needs through their mobile phones. Aim for happy guests and deliver a seamless and memorable stay at your hotel thanks to GuestService.

Technical support

Efficiently address technical issues for your guests, ensuring their satisfaction and preventing any potential dissatisfaction. Streamline your technical service operations with centralized management, empowering guests to easily submit service requests via their mobile devices. Our goal is to enable hoteliers to foster guest happiness by consistently delivering exceptional service and exceeding their expectations through GuestService.

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